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Divine Wholeness
Women + Daughters


"The doors to the world of the wild self are few but precious...


If you have a deep scar, that is a door, if you have an old, old story, that is a door. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost can't bear it that is a door. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, that is a door."

- -Clarrissa Pinkols Estes, The Women Who Run With Wolves

Join us
for a journey into the divine feminine. 



  • April 6 Pink Moon

  • May 5 Flower Moon

  • June 3 Strawberry Moon

  • July 3 Buck Moon 

  • August 1 Sturgeon Moon 

  • August 30 Blue Moon 

WHERE: Seapoint Beach, Kittery ME.
(if the weather isn't great we'll meet at my ho
me in Dover, NH)

HOW MUCH: $66 for drop in moons 


Full Moon Beach Fire

Cacao Ceremony

Circling Practice

Sacred Sharing and Storytelling

Topics and resources to help you deepen into your feminine


  • Every month we'll meet by a fire on the beach and share in sisterhood our stories and support each other and reclaim or deepen into our sacred feminine energy. 

  • We'll share a cacao ceremony each month 

  • This safe container welcomes you to be raw and real in sharing all perspectives and experiences.

  • You are welcome to just come and observe the conversation if you are just looking to learn more about the divine feminine.

  • Attending every meeting is not necessary. Whoever shows up helps shape the essence of the discussion.  

  • There will be materials and information available between gatherings if you want to go deeper (not required)


  • Women! 

  • Women who have been over burdened by their responsibilities and feel they are spending too much time in masculine energy and need help reclaiming their feminine energy

  • Women looking for support, and space to be held, nourished, and supported. 

  • Women who have "lost touch with their mojo"  and need help getting back in touch with their spark

  • Women looking to make meaningful friendships 

  • Women who are delighting in their feminine and are just looking for others to connect with who share like hearted values. 

  • Mothers and daughters! (Participants under 16 are free) 


  • Cultivating healthy feminine

  • Boundaries and cultivating our own healthy masculine to protect our feminine

  • Trust

  • Expression

  • Sex, solo practice, sacred union

  • Stereotypes / cultural conditioning "good girls" etc. 

  • Polarity and relationships

  • more



  • On the Full Moon  @7PM -8:30PM EST 

Parenting Circle


Hi! I'm Jenn. I'm a mother, a conscious parenting coach, a leadership development facilitator, organizational designer, an artist, and podcast host. Cultivating healthy feminine and masculine energy is just one of the ways that I support people to break generational cycles and deepen into their wholeness. I've hosted online and in-person gatherings supporting women to develop a more intimate relationship with the divine feminine.  

Coming home to our wholeness is a lifelong journey. It's about facing our shadows, healing our inner childhood wounds, bringing consciousness to our patterns, leaning into the hard stuff, and celebrating the treasures that lie within, finding our balance, and so much more. 

Hope to see you at our gatherings! 


Check out my Podcast Mystics Rising // Coaching practice // parenting programs at Raising Wholeness.  


What is Circling? 

Circling is a practice of  authentic relating, where we are sharing our stories and witnessing each other. This is without feedback, advice, impact, just space to authentically share your heart and be witnessed.  

Each moon we will meet in our circling practice to share what is coming up for us, and to be witnessed, and as we share our stories, we know that they are revealing and illuminating parts of ourselves that need more attention. 

The divine feminine, is just part of the polar energy that makes us whole. It can be yin and yang, masculine or feminine. It is not gender specific, but rather the energy. That being said many people who identify as female, find themselves more at home in their feminine essence.

In our gathering we will explore what the divine feminine is, what it isn't, and ways that we can nurture it in ourselves and our children /future generations. 

What is the
divine feminine? 

If you can't make all the circles - no worries you can just do a drop-in. I do try to keep the sizes to around 12-15 women so please do sign up in advance.  

What if I can't
make all the circles? 


"When women are in the company of other radiant women, our turn on is a constantly renewing resource.
We fuel and replenish each other." 


Apply to the Divine Wholeness
Full Moon Women's Circle

I have spots for 12-15 women/moon. To apply fill out this form and I'll be in touch with details.


Feel free to reach out with any questions me @

Select which Moons you are interested in attending at this moment.

Thanks for applying! I'll reach out soon with details and options for payment - via venmo or paypal! Can't wait! 

I never turn anyone away for lack of funds - if you are interested in participating and don't have the funds currently available contact me! 
Let's explore possibilities.

Sign up


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