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What does it mean to raise children in wholeness?


Wholeness is about embracing all of your uniqueness and gifts, vices, and virtues. It's about knowing yourself so well that you can uphold your boundaries, honor your needs, and feel deeply connected to your purpose and being. This is what I hope my daughter is raised with. 


We are always whole, and sometimes we forget. Through cultural conditioning, trauma, or not having our needs met as children we fragment ourselves, hide parts of ourselves for safety, survival, or belonging. It's usually the parts of ourselves where our unique gifts lie. 

As parents and caretakers, we can not give our children what we can not give for ourselves. How do we as parents who have experienced our own trauma and lifetime of fragmentation, come together and raise our children in a new way that supports wholeness from the start? It's not easy, AND it's the most important thing we can strive for our children and creating a better world. Raising children in wholeness means, remembering our own wholeness. 


"Children must never work for our love, they must rest in it."

- Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Developmental Psychologist. 


Join a global group of parents, caretakers, and enthusiasts who are sharing in the inquiry of raising conscious children and preserve the pureness of their true nature.  


Check out our offerings, classes, and practice groups to support raising conscious, whole children. We share principles of conscious parenting, mindfulness, human development, divine fem./mas. and other practices of wholeness.


  • People connecting around the globe to join together in an emergent dialogue around conscious parenting. 

  • This safe container welcomes you to be raw and real in sharing all perspectives and experiences.

  • You are welcome to just come and observe the conversation if you are just looking to learn more about conscious parenting.

  • Workshops that shine light on various practices of remembering our wholeness, improving compassionate communications, and deepening our practice of unconditional love. 


  • Anyone interested in learning from other parents, coaches, teachers, 

  • Single parents looking for a community to expand their parenting resources

  • Couples looking to learn from other parents 

  • Nannies, Babysitters, Grandparents, anyone supporting children in their development. 

  • Anyone interested in human development and thinking about how we support future generations.


  • How do we support their holistic development to reach their fullest potential?

  • How do we help ourselves as parents in our own efforts to be an example for our children?

  • How do I role model my own healing?

  • What kinds of modalities support my healing to allow me to be a more conscious and compassionate parent? 

  • What are real time lessons that we are learning from our children that inform our parenting? 

  • What does wholeness mean and how do we support our children to be raised in their wholeness?

  • So, so, so much more. 


Parenting Circle

The deeper you hold compassion for yourself, 

the more compassion you can offer your children.



Here are some of my favorite articles, videos, books, and concepts that have helped me expand my perception of wholeness and how I can show up as a better parent to my daughter. I hope you find this helpful. I'm always looking for more ways to expand myself - if you have any recommendations please contact me! 


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