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Principles of Conscious Parenting

Raising children in wholeness - can you imagine if there was a whole generation of children who grew up confident and embracing all of their emotions and being?

All the patterns that cause us to separate from ourselves and cause pain, emerge from our childhood. Children absorb everything including our behaviors. Are you living in a mindful conscious matter or are you reliving the hurtful patterns of your past.

These times call for radical responsibility. Stop perpetuating ancestral trauma. How far back in your family do the patterns, the hurt, the judgement, the shaming go? When does that get healed?

Healing your ancestral is the greatest gift you can give your child. It's the best chance you can give her/him to create their own life, and not live through the wounds of those before them. They deserve a fresh start and that is only possible if we take a stand and heal that in ourselves.


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