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Leading With Wholeness // John Wineland Integrating Masculine and Feminine

Leadership builds strong resonance when we are in resonance with ourselves. The deeper we know ourselves the more we can lead with authenticity. Part of understanding this ourselves is understanding our mix of Feminine and Masculine energy. Coming into balance with our Feminine and Masculine increases our stability and ability to show up in our fullest potential. We all have a unique balance of Feminine and Masculine energy inside of us. Coming home to what feels natural, and comfortable, and in support of both sides of ourselves takes a deep level of self intimacy. True leadership comes from a place of wholeness and integration of this balance.

I just finished a 6 month course with John on Feminine Embodiment practices and ways to play in polarity and move and transform trauma through our bodies. To say this course was revolutionary is an understatement.

Check out this quick video by John Wineland on building our capacity for leadership by coming from a place of integrated feminine and masculine.

Link to the full article and more from John Wineland -


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