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We always offer a few free spots to those in need. Or if you would prefer to make a monthly donation via Venmo - email me! 


  • Zoom calls twice a month.

    • When we meet: every other Eastern Time: Sunday @830PM  // Hong Kong Time: Monday @830AM 

    • Where: Zoom (once registered, we'll email you a link)

  • A global community - People connecting around the globe to join together in an emergent dialogue around conscious parenting. 

  • Online Network - You can join our online network to ask questions, connect, and share resources in between meetings. 

  • Space to be yourself - This safe container welcomes you to be raw and real in sharing all perspectives and experiences.

  • All of you is welcomed - This is a  judgment-free zone where participants are free to voice all parts of themselves. If you are triggered by something someone says, we offer additional support outside of the meeting. 

  • No participation required- You are welcome to just come and observe the conversation if you are just looking to learn more about conscious parenting.

  • Attendance - Attending every meeting is not necessary. These are drop-in sessions whoever shows up helps shape the essence of the discussion.  

  • Additional Resources - As we come across valuable resources we'll share them with the community. 

  • Discounts on Wholeness Workshops - Discounts on workshops that shine light on various practices of remembering our wholeness, improving compassionate communications, and deepening our practice of unconditional love. We offer usually 1 per month. 

Additional Support and Coaching:

If you ever need/want to take a deeper dive, get additional support, or one-on-one coaching schedule a time with me.  

Schedule a Coaching Session
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