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Coming home to our wholeness is a lifelong journey. It's about facing our shadows, healing our inner childhood wounds, bringing consciousness to our patterns, leaning into the hard stuff, and celebrating the treasures that lie within, finding our balance, and so much more. This place is vast and there is so much unknown territory. We aren't taught how to cope with our childhood trauma and many people feel lost, disoriented and don't know where to start. You are not alone!  That is part of the process to remembering. our wholeness.

It's not easy to see yourself in your wholeness, especially in rough waters. I love creating nurturing spaces for my clients to blossom. It's so helpful to have someone along the journey to help navigate the unknown, reflect truth, integrate your shadows.


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Typical Sessions are 1.5 hours

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Imagine if all people were dedicated to standing in their true nature and leading from a place of their authentic self and in alignment with their calling. The potential for a better world becomes infinitely greater when we are dedicated to doing our own work.  Sinking into our wholeness is a journey and where we continue to deepen and uncover layer by layer.

When we are unconscious to remembering our wholeness, many of us get lot in the suffering of our wounds, projecting our needs on others and even on our jobs, or external "things" we need to succeed. This realization really came to me in my previous work in marketing and branding. Clients would always be looking for something outside of themselves to complete them, blame for the reason they aren't successful, or even trying to create something for the needs of others, forgetting to honor their own needs and calling and all of this led to inauthentic "marketing" or inauthentic living or sense of reality.  What I realized is that marketing is a reflection of the true essence of who you are, and so I started working with people on uncovering the truth of that, which can trigger a lot of shadows and limiting beliefs.



Certifications // Trainings // Memberships

Wholeness Practices

  • Shadow work

  • Vertical Development

  • Divine Feminine/Masculine 

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Breath work

Spiritual Practices

  • Reiki / Energy Work

  • Ancestral Healing

  • DivinationTarot/Runes

  • Grounding

  • Ritual/Ceremony

  • Wild Wisdom with Shaman Michelle MacEwan

  • Journeys

In calm waters, we see clear reflections of our wholeness.

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