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The story of who I am and how I have come into my calling is a journey infused with solo travel adventure, spiritual teachers, corporate America, birth, divorce, and my own dedication to personal development. Here's a quick snap shot at the major inflection points that have led me to here:



"You gotta lose yourself to find yourself." One of my favorite saying that derived from this part of my journey. After college, I bought a one-way ticket to Guatemala and solo backpacked for 9-months, taking Spanish classes, making friends, volunteering as an art teacher at various schools, painting murals, working along the way, and diving into my spiritual development. This journey changed my life. It was my first step into truly dissolving the constructs of my identity, and gave me an opportunity to embody emergence and develop a deep listening to the guidance of my soul. 


My journey let me to Portland, I showed up with $100 and backpack straight from Panama and delighted in the culture and connections. I was fortunate to volunteer with for the Portland, Oregon-based non-profit We Love Clean Rivers (WLCR) and dream up the idea of the RiPPLe Art Auction. It was a fundraising and brand awareness event, were we had artist create pieces from their Down the River Clean up Event, and auctioned the pieces off at a big event. This 350+ person event wove together much of me, my passion for art, sustainability, and bringing people together to expand their awareness of the awesome work WLCR does year after year – they clean up 6,000 lbs of trash out of the Clackamas River! It was the first brand I created from scratch, generating press, and a following, and connecting with brands like Keen Footwear for our sponsorship package.


This leap was so close to my heart. Using all my of me and my gifts to promote and nurture something I deeply believed in. It infused fun, sustainability, art, and influencing people for the greater good.



After a few years and successes and failures, I moved back to the east coast, where I have learned some valuable skills and lessons. I continued to pursue marketing, design, and event planning, and relished in helping others in the transformation process. I love the transformation, and this was only so satisfying because it's just external. I realized that there is often more to a "rebrand" than just a new look, it's a new way of being in the world. Not all my clients were willing to do the work to live up to that way. This experience really informed a new direction - inward.



How can I support my clients, with the hard stuff that comes up, with the inner critics, and the childhood wounds that "block" the new way forward. Which of course, let me deeper down my own inward path of facing shadows, old wounds, patterns, and learning from the best mentors, spiritual guides, and transformative classes. 


Certifications // Trainings // Aprenticeships

Mystical Practices

  • Reiki II Certified

  • Ancestral Healing

  • DivinationTarot/Runes

  • Mediation

  • Mindfulness

  • Breathwork

  • Wild Wisdom

  • Journeys



Creating beautiful things feeds my soul.


One more thing, I'd love to share about me, my inspiration and my work, is my passion for creating. It's funny now as I look back at what my heart has been drawn to create all these years, I see the threads that feed my current work.

  • My deep love for shadow and light - For integrating and playing in the two create form. 

  • Peoples faces - their authentic expression showing fully to the world

  • Flowers - the natural blossoming of these beauties that operate to the rhythm of their own natures

  • Trees - the tree medicine came to me recently, and it all became clear what role models tress are for our being and healing 

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